What our Partners say about us



The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Operational Manager

Over the past 9 months I have had the pleasure of working with Productive Partners on a number of different work streams. 

Prior to working alongside the programme the trust were reporting in the lower quartile for in-session efficiency requiring immediate focus. This has now been turned around with the great facilitation of the team in supporting staff with efficient ways of working which has resulted in Dudley moving to the upper quartile for performance in the country.

The programme has also developed our outpatient transformation plan, to support in the alignment of the long term strategy to deliver 30% less face to face appointments in the future and we are now on track to double our non-face to face appointments in 2020/21.

The engagement with my team has been tremendous and this is attributed to the engagement style alongside the inclusivity of the Productive Partners team.  Individuals have expressed how they have been made to feel included in developing and owning their services work streams, as well as challenging them to think bigger and beyond the next 12 months.





 The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Deputy Director Strategy and Business Development 

Productive Partners has supported the Trust to establish and drive forward our transformational clinical productivity programme. Their extensive expertise and knowledge in this area has quite simply turned the page for the Trust in terms of grasping the challenge and having the confidence and belief to move our clinical productivity programme forward. Their approach is not about coming in and doing it for us but working with us on every step of the journey, being in our corner as a strong advocate for change to deliver the transformational changes needed and leaving a positive legacy to take forward on our own.

They are remarkable, highly regarded at all levels in the Trust and delivers to an exceptional standard.





The Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Head of Planned Care Improvement

The Trust team was pleased and impressed with both the methodology and change process throughout the programme. The knowledge and experience has given real legs to the Outpatient 5 year transformation plan as well as delivering the in-year efficiencies. They were very thorough and flexible in developing a plan that suited our needs, complexities and unique requirements. The planned work and process were spelled out in detail and the statement of work objectives and expectations were met in full. I was most impressed with the pace of delivery and professionalism in dealing with us and our other providers, taking into account hos size, styles, and personalities.



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Our partners

18 Week Support

18 Week Support are one of our key partners who provide assistance in reducing RTT waiting times in Trusts with an excessive backlog. They provide your Trust with expert clinical teams to work in your department when you have spare capacity, typically weekends, whilst working closely with your in-house teams.


They see new patients, including virtual clinics, follow up patients and importantly perform a comprehensive range of day case and some inpatient procedures, including endoscopy. This allows you to significantly increase your number of patients seen, reducing waiting lists and meeting RTT expectations. All whilst keeping patient treatment within your trust.

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iROC Health

iROC are experts in data analysis and clinical performance outcomes. The challenge for any Trust experiencing problems with clinical outcomes performance and metrics is to understand exactly where they need to start looking. iROC have the data knowledge and skills, through extensive experience spanning a combined 46 years’ both inside and outside the NHS. iROC use effective comparisons through like-for-like unit peers, iROC looks to investigating variances and will provide healthcare organisations with the information and tools to effectively plan, improve and facilitate the realisation of performance and income opportunities that are identified.


Whether the recording of care is in an admitted patient care (APC), an outpatient (OP) or Emergency Department (ED) Care setting, NHS Trusts across the country endeavour to improve the quality and completeness of data to support key performance measures. They take data back to a root algorithm in order to look at diagnosis and procedure group variances. iROC do not use the HRG payment system to assess or measure patient outcomes – their approach is quite unique in that it is a bottom up approach. We partner together to improve both the efficiency and the accurate recording of those services.

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