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are a team of clinical efficiency specialists, working with


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Productive partners are a team of clinical efficiency specialists, working with hospitals and systems to optimise clinical capacity. We work with your existing project management structure to implement rapid efficiencies and long-term sustainable solutions. 

Our Strategy

Free Rapid Assessment

We will identify headline opportunities using local, external and benchmarking data. The opportunities will then be presented to the Executive team in a summary document, with recommended next steps.

Engagement, Buy In and a Plan

Our clinical specialists will work up the headline opportunities with local teams and gain buy-in from senior leads, both clinical and non-clinical. We will host an engagement workshop with the wider stakeholders to test the opportunities and identify any challenges to success. We will then develop an implementation plan and agree the resourcing requirements.

Implementation Support

Implementation Support: 1-3 clinical efficiency specialists will partner with your organisation and optimise existing local resources, including PMO and transformation teams. Our specialists will lead the implementation plans and develop internal reports and tools with trust IT teams. We will deliver in-year efficiencies and improvements, as well as develop long term plans with an ROI for the next 2-5 years.


Sustainability: Our clinical efficiency specialists will transfer skills and knowledge to existing teams. If required we can also support recruitment processes to fill capability or capacity gaps. Our teams will continue to host improvement workshops for wider stakeholders, to embed the changes and reasons for change

Virtual Support and Check Ins: Our clinical efficiency specialists will complete a series of post assessments or onsite engagements to provide ongoing ‘light touch’ support. Our teams will be available for specialist advice and guidance and will continue to monitor performance virtually. This support will provide continuous challenge against delivery and the commitment to the improvement plans.

Virtual Support &

Check Ins

  • Theatre Productivity

  • RTT Recovery

  • Outpatient Transformation

  • System Efficiencies

  • Clinical Admin Transformation

  • Imaging Efficiency

  • Endoscopy Productivity

  • Cath Lab Efficiency

  • Workforce Efficiencies

  • CIP Delivery

  • Aligning Clinical Capacity with Demand

  • Analytics and Insight

Productive Partners are clinical productivity specialists with over 15 years NHS health experience of providing and leading a range of operational services and efficiency improvements, specialising in productivity improvement, outpatient transformational change, developing sustainable improvement teams, aligning business intelligence to operational requirements and working with sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs). 

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What our Partners say about us



The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Operational Manager

The engagement with my team has been tremendous and this is attributed to the engagement style alongside the inclusivity of the Productive Partners team. Individuals have expressed how they have been made to feel included in developing and owning their services workstreams, as well as challenging them to think bigger and beyond the next 12 months...




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